Meet the support incentive platform

Track new and meaningful metrics while creating a purpose-driven workplace.

Company Dashboard

Measure your customer service success with novel and unique real-time metrics like: Tip/Call Ratio, & Average Tip per Call. Easily view calls and tips ranging from: “Daily” to “All-time” live analytics. Additionally, access a list of all active agents at any time.


Gain insights on who is performing, and who is not. The leaderboards feature allows full transparency throughout an entire customer support team. Total tips are portrayed for incentivization at its finest.

Agent Dashboard

The Agent dashboard portrays individual analytics for each support agent. Real time notifications let support agents know if they’ve received any amount of gratuity. Additional functions like “Send SMS”, as well as “Add Customer” are added for simple agent use.


Easily view past consumer given gratuities with the history feature. Learn agent tendencies and track consumer behavior.

How it works

Customer Device
(Mobile & Desktop)

SMS message sent to the consumer

Consumer Friendly

Consumer SMS response processed by CF

Financial Processor

Transaction processing invoked (e.g. PayPal API) to the transfer funds from consumer to the Agent & CF

Ready to re-think customer service?

Incentivize your agents through gratuity.

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